About Minoxidil

Minoxidil for beard side effects

What are people saying about minoxidil?

People often mistake minoxidil for a recipe medication to deal with balding on your head. Both of these facts are wrong. First of all, you don’t need permission from your doctor. Everybody can buy minoxidil on the internet, and nobody is going to ask you for proof. Another thing is that this medication can be used to grow hair on other areas of your body. You can put it wherever you like – it could be your neck or beard.

Now that you know it can be used to grow a beard, what was the original idea behind minoxidil?

Usually, Minoxidil is used as a hair treatment medication. Originally, it was a method to treat blood pressure. But both patients and doctors noticed a side effect – a growth of hair. After intense research, scientists determined that minoxidil would be an excellent way to deal with baldness. Moreover, men started applying it to their beard, and the results left them extremely pleased. Now, almost everyone can grow a bushy beard with a little bit of help from minoxidil.

About minoxidil for beard growth

Don’t forget that it will take time before you start seeing results.

You shouldn’t forget that minoxidil is not something that can magically help you grow a bushy beard. Putting a few drops in your beard area will not give results. You need patience and time. In fact, it could take as much as 6 months. Usually, you can notice changes in the first month, and users immediately start sharing their photos on the internet (plenty of this information is available). Genes and your body reaction determine how long it takes to grow a full beard. But worry not! Even if you are struggling with your genes and can’t grow the smallest beard, minoxidil can still help you. If you use it without taking a break and correctly, the results will surprise you and make you happy.


Still doubt its effectiveness?

We understand that the idea of growing a full beard in a couple of months without owning one beforehand sounds like a crazy idea. That’s why we prepared a few slides, showcasing people that have seen significant changes. All these changes happened with the help of 2% and 5% minoxidil. Not to mention that it didn’t take too long.

Minoxidil beard results

A big portion of people that achieved their goal stopped using minoxidil. And their beards did not disappear. The myth of losing your beard after getting rid of minoxidil is another false spread throughout the internet. So once you see results and stop using minoxidil, don’t worry about your beard disappearing. Also, there shouldn’t be any side effects. The rate at which the beard grows will slow down, but the beard itself will remain the same.

Which minoxidil for beard should I choose? 2% or 5%?

It depends on how fast you want to grow a beard. If you haven’t used minoxidil before, it would be a good idea to start with the 2%. And if there aren’t any significant sides effects on your face, start using the 5%. You will grow a bushy beard faster this way since 5% has a much bigger concentration.

If you are still in doubt, you could always take a look at the before and after results of other people on YouTube, and read what everybody has to say about minoxidil.