You should see these before and after Minoxidil beard transformations

Most people make a crucial mistake believing that minoxidil starts working just after using it for a few weeks. But it takes much more until you have a bushy beard. Minoxidil requires time and patience. And how long it would take for you – well, even doctors would not be able to answer that. Despite you going to their office for a consultation.

Individuals who use minoxidil noticed that the results come sooner rather than later. All it takes is the right way to using the medication and not missing the time when you have to apply it on your skin. Whichever way you look at things, minoxidil is much cheaper than a beard transplant operation, and not everyone has the guts to go on the operating table.

Who needs complicated surgeries if you can achieve results by using a simpler method? Forget consultations with surgeons and tens of thousands of dollars that they charge for surgeries. Minoxidil for a beard is a cheap and effective way to have what you have dreamed of for a very long time. After all, a beard symbolizes manhood these days.

If you are tired of being unable to grow a beard, or a beard that doesn’t grow evenly, minoxidil is here to help.

Is it really effective? Absolutely. And it is cheap. There are plenty of people who are sharing their success stories with minoxidil, and others, inspired by this, buy the stuff and are doing the same thing. And they are doing great. Some individuals achieve even greater results. Here are a few slides that show how somebody changes unrecognizably with the help of minoxidil.

minoxidil beard before after results

The best example of using minoxidil. Before using -> 2 months of using minoxidil -> 4 months of using minoxidil.

Some of us don’t have good genes, but it doesn’t mean we can’t grow a beard. With minoxidil, anything is possible. You just need to use it and follow your progress continuously. A good advice would be taking photos and seeing the difference from then and now. New hair will make you happy with the changes and results. Here is another example of a quick, but a successful story.

rogaine facial hair before and after results

Another excellent example of the product. 1 and a half months of minoxidil -> 13 months of minoxidil

If it took you more time to grow a bushy beard, don’t be upset. You still achieved your goals. This young guy is an excellent example. 12 months ago he didn’t have any hair on his face. Now he has a beard that makes others jealous. It took a lot of time, but results are there.

rogaine facial hair before and after results

12 months of using minoxidil

If you are saying that minoxidil is that good, does it mean that even a 16-year old can have a bushy beard? Formally speaking, yes. Minoxidil makes hair grow where you apply it. Age has no meaning in this aspect. But it is not recommended to use this medication for people who are underage. Sometimes, teenagers fantasize about having a beard, but they should wait for things to come naturally. Once you are 18, and things aren’t working out, then you can consider trying out minoxidil.

Minoxidil does not require permission from a doctor, but it would still be wise to consult him before using the medication.

For even more impressive transformations using minoxidil, check out this video: